Biography of Cardinal van Rossum

At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, the Redemptorist Willem Marinus van Rossum (1854-1932) was the most high-ranking Dutchman attached to the Roman Curia. The Dutch had not seen a man of his standing within the Catholic Church since Pope Adrian VI (1522-1523). From the moment of his arrival in Rome in 1895, his career went up steeply. He was destined to become a Cardinal in 1911 – the first Dutch Cardinal since the sixteenth century – and was appointed Prefect of the Congregation of Propaganda Fide in 1918. In this position, until his death in 1932, Van Rossum was one of the most influential persons within the Catholic Church. (Read more about this Cardinal of a global significance)

Chronology of dates and facts

House of birth, Hagelsteeg Zwolle
House of birth
Redemptorist community, Wittem 1929
Sant' Uffizio
The Cardinal and his sister, Sister Gerulpha of the Sisters of Charity of Tilburg




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