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Cardinal van Rossum was a stranger in the Sacred College of Cardinals, being Dutch, a Redemptorist and of humble birth. This brings about heuristic and contextual problems while investigating his significance. It partly explains his absence in the current historiography. Read more about it in the contribution of Hans de Valk and Vefie Poels in "Sources et approches des biographies cardinalices (XIXe-XXe s.)", mefrim 2016: 128-1

At the ACHA-meeting in New York on the 2nd of January, 2015, Vefie Poels gave a lecture on Missionary activities and American nationalism. It was a foretaste of the article 'Cardinal van Rossum and the American Board of Catholic Missions (1919-1924)', which was recently published in C. Denny a.o.(eds), A Realist's Church, Maryknoll Orbis Books

On November 27, 2014, prof. dr. Jan Bank held the second Jan Roeslezing at the Radboud University Nijmegen entiteled Church and War, especially focusing on the First World War. In the co-review the role of Cardinal van Rossum representing the policy of the Vatican was highlighted by Vefie Poels. Both lectures can be seen on YouTube.

At the Catholic Documentation Centre in Nijmegen, parts of the archives of Cardinal van Rossum are located. Recently, the thousands of letters, documents, photographs etc. were digitalized. Anybody can search names (f.e. Roncalli, Gasparri, Pacelli, Frans Joseph, Manna, Tisserant etc.), locations, dates etc. Read how to reach the files.

Cardinal van Rossum made his way to the colloquium on 'Cardinaux et Cardinalat' in Paris on 19-20 June 2014, organized by the Ecole francaise. The lecture of Vefie Poels and Hans de Valk on 19 June in the Institut Catholique de Paris was entitled: 'A stranger in the Holy College of Cardinals'. Methodological and heuristic problems in investigating Cardinal van Rossum (see the powerpoint)

The last issue of Spicilegium Historicum Congregationis SS.mi Redemptoris, 62 (2014) 1, p. 151-245 contains an elaborate article on Willem van Rossum's Redemptorist years before he was transferred to Rome in 1895. His 22 years in a Dutch Redemptorist environment give us an important clue to understand his further career. One wonders, however, if his "desire to become what they were" was ever fulfilled. Highly recommended for those who are interested in the 19th century Redemptorist history in the Netherlands as well. A summary.

Pope Francesco has planned to reform the Roman Curia. The renowned journalist Sandro Magister suggested him to read the article of Hans de Valk with the still up-to-date criticism that might have been written by Cardinal van Rossum in 1931. Read more

New light on the first Dutch Cardinal: Why was the Dutch archbishop Henricus van de Wetering not created a cardinal in 1910? And sharp, pre-Vatican II criticism on the Roman Curia in the 1930s. Read more

The Dutch RKK Broadcast-program Wat blijft... , January 15, 2012, is dedicated to Cardinal W.M. van Rossum.
Sunday night, 15th of January 2012, 23.45-24.00 p.m., Radio 5.

The special issue of Trajecta, edited by Vefie Poels, Theo Salemink and Hans de Valk, Life with a Mission. Cardinal Willem Marinus van Rossum CSsR (1854-1932), is available. How to order

One centenary after the creation of W.M. van Rossum as a Cardinal-deacon by Pope Pius X on 1911, 27th of November, a symposium was held in the Redemptorist monastery in Wittem, Saturday 2011, November 26. See for an account, including lectures and photographs

Recovery of the Cardinal's hat. After 40 years, the red hat which proudly was given to Zwolle's Catholic community in 1933 by Joseph Drehmanns, and which was lost after the demolition of St. Michael's Church in 1965, was brought to Wittem last Summer by Ronald Blandell. Read more
Twice in his life, in 1923 and in 1929, Cardinal van Rossum visited Iceland. This Summer, we are going to follow in his footsteps to find out if the Cathedral dedicated to the 'Kingship of Christ' in Reykjavik is as huge as he wanted it to be.
In a unusual way, Cardinal van Rossum was in the news in the Brabants dagblad of June the 4th. Fans of the football team of Den Bosch were seeking his support by decorating the local statue with their blue FC-scarf. The photo was made by Roy Lazet.






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